Njuz.net editor: Media outlets should be honest with their audiences 

The third panel of the conference “Solutions and Innovations in Media”, called ‘’Reaching for audiences in an oversaturated media environment’’, was attended by Viktor Marković, one of the editors of the famous satirical website “Njuz.net” from Serbia. He spoke about journalism trends, stating that audiences’ needs are changing fast. In a short interview, Viktor shared […]

Petijević: The institutions are not protecting journalists in any way in Serbia

Snežana Petijević, a project assistant at KRIK Serbia, spoke at the panel “Protecting Journalists and Restoring Trust”, on the first day of the conference “Solution and Innovations in Media”, held on the 19th of May in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This panel aimed to gather recommendations for better protection of journalists and restoring trust in […]

Journalists in the SEE region experience the same threats and share the same fate

Transparency of media ownership and education of citizens in media literacy are some of the solutions for a better media environment in the region. Protecting journalists and restoring the public’s trust in professional journalism are steps that the Western Balkan countries need to take to improve media freedoms. This could be achieved by setting up effective […]

Security and cyber attacks: Prevention is better than cure

Everybody is a target and vulnerable in the digital world, the hackers will always find something interesting and worthy of the attack. Raising awareness of these issues should be one of the priorities in the media sector since the consequences could easily become a nightmare. Author: Filip Mirilović / Photo: Vanja Čerimagić The first day […]

The first day of “Solutions and Innovations in Media”

Around 100 journalists, media organizations, and communication and media experts from the Western Balkans and beyond joined today for the two-days conference “Solutions and Innovations in Media”. Organized by Mediacentar Sarajevo and the Citizen Association “Why Not,” this regional conference aims to strengthen and foster stronger links between media actors within and among these neighboring […]

The Western Balkans must unite in order to combat harmful content online

The media in the Western Balkans should work together to combat harmful content on the internet – this is one of the conclusions of the first panel of the conference “Solutions and Innovations in the Media”, which started today at the Center for Children and Youth in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The conference is organized […]